Taking your woot woots up a notch.

The Idaho Lottery challenged us to help launch their newest game Five Star Draw under the auspicious guise of a luxury brand lotto experience, targeting both young and older demographics. With television, digital and pre-roll as a strong facet of the campaign, the creative strategy hinges on the premise of a ‘five star, five-minute escape’ into entitlement culture. Our concept juxtaposes a rough-and-tumble biker character poolside in a day-spa, rambling millennial-speak about the new game. Digital, social and retail display pieces were conceived and produced for unique settings and applications, drawing on the character’s unique situation. In out-of-home…bus and transit…and retail settings, the creative relies on playful witticisms set within a luxury graphic design esthetic. The campaign was a huge success. Five Star Draw touted a 44% spike in sales during the campaign launch period and sales are still climbing.