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Our team is comprised of rare talent from previous agencies and brands from across the country who live digitally, plan fiercely, and think bravely.

Ale (Alejandra) Coulter

Project Manager

Ale is a mezcal connoisseur, soccer enthusiast, and skilled foosball player. Born in Mexico, she taught herself English at the age of eleven. As a bilingual, well-traveled, expert collaborator, Ale brings people together across regions, cultures, languages, and media. Her experience with mobile applications, UX/UI, and 15+ years in marketing/technology means she helps clients win — unless you’re playing foosball, then she’ll kick your ass. But at least there will be mezcal to soften the blow.

Alex Furley

Art Director

Alex, our designer of amazingness from across the pond, brings extensive experience in consumer product marketing and events to MP by way of New Zealand. He left behind a budding DJ career in the UK to play in the sand with the Kiwis. Two years and too many road trips later, he headed for Austin, Texas. With a twisted love for ice baths and a fascination with horror films, Alex has some great conversation starters. He lives with his pet tarantula and dreams of one day producing a short horror film — but right now, he is too scared to start.

Amy Sisneros

Cost Controller

Even though Amy Sisneros was voted Miss Polite in high school, she’s a bit of a control freak. Good thing her role at MP capitalizes on her natural tendency for order.

Amy lives with eight animals — three kids, a husband, two dogs, a fish, and a hamster. To cope with her crazy household, Amy has developed an affinity for yard tools — especially her leaf blower. We’re not sure if it’s due to the satisfaction of seeing progress as she cleans off her sidewalk or the fact she can’t hear anyone over the noise.

Hey Amy, why is there a leaf blower under your desk?

Andy Petersen

Agency Producer

Anne McNeal

Graphic Designer

Anne is a landscape architect turned kick-ass designer. Her creativity and design skills are matched only by her comedic prowess (and an insatiable love for animals and the great outdoors). With humor as her superpower, she can make anyone laugh. But not that “haha, that’s funny” laugh. We’re talking that “Oh $#!+, this is it, I’m going to die because I can’t breathe” laugh. But don’t worry, you won’t die. Unless you do, and wouldn’t that be a hell of a way to go? As an apology, Anne will make sure your gravesite looks amazing.

Beck Mulkey

Graphic Designer

Raised in the land of beer and heavy accents, Beck is a certified cheesehead from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a virtuosic design eye and rapid-fire clicky fingers, she’s also a certifiable force of creativity. When she’s not knee-deep in designing and creating, she’s outside hiking and camping, seeking-out live music, crafting stained glass, concocting new cuisine, and looking for new adventures. Beck will say 'Oh you betcha' when presented with a basket of cheese curds.

Billy Mitchell

CEO / Partner

Billy brings a decade-and-a-half worth of energy and passion that has yet to be tamed. If it seems that he cares about your business as much as you do, it’s because he does. He delivers a combination of marketing experience and skills that makes him our starting QB at Team MP, and one of the most valuable players on your team.

Carina Fettinger

Account Coordinator

Carina is our Swiss-American-Dane Account Coordinator. She’s basically a Viking, but instead of pillaging, she manages accounts with force (not really — she might be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet). With an obsession for traveling on a budget, Carina is an obvious choice for our accounts team — or maybe it’s her background in business. Either way, her unhealthy relationship with scrapbooking and the need to plan every trip with excel spreadsheets make her sound like she’s the most organized 85-year-old you’ve ever met (she’s only 23). We’ll pretend she’s an old soul; just don’t call her grandma. Or do — but watch out, we hear she’s got a mean right hook.

Carolina Longo

Director of Strategy + Client Services

As our Head of Strategy + Client Services, Carolina brings a wealth of international experience and a charming Brazilian accent to our office. She began her career at Ogilvy & Mather in the early 2000’s and since then has worked in major advertising and branded content agencies in Brazil, where she has helped create powerful solutions for clients like P&G, HBO, HSBC, SAP, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, and Crayola, winning 2 Effie Awards. In 2017 she moved to Florida, where she specialized in multicultural audiences for VMLY&R as their Integrated Strategic Planning Director on the regional team for DELL LATAM.

Outside the agency she manages a busy life of having twins and is passionate about scuba diving, cooking and bulldogs – not necessarily in that order.

Carolyn Uhl

Senior Art Director

We found her in 2010 fresh from agency stints in Denver. Other than time off to raise her two boys and a difficult dog, she’s been the heart of art direction here at MP. Like many talented creative artists, she began her career as a designer, but her interests and our needs soon saw her growing into much more than graphic design. She is our go-to for developing the look and feel for photo and video shoots, finding inspiration for illustrations, colors, and fonts. She is gentle and encouraging to our new designers, earns the trust and respect of our clients, and when called upon, can kick your ass in darts.

Carter Kolpitcke

Junior Strategist

Carter believes if there’s something to be observed, there’s a story to be told. Backed by a wealth of hair and charisma, his tenacious drive to understand how the world works keeps him up at night — fortunately, his best ideas are also night owls. Fueled by a determination that borders on annoying, Carter spends most days creating, learning, and creating again. With his rigorous education, collection of internships, and obsession with improving everything, Carter’s singular goal is to do his job so well no one will know he’s only 23.

Dan O’Donnel

SEO Strategist

From Boston to Boise and with thick East Coast blood, Dan can be found pining over search engine data and Google-ranking research. As a highly caffeinated SEO rockstar he provides clients with website traffic, lead generation and can make you internet famous overnight. For 5 years he held the #1 spot for “Smartest Guy in America” on Google… the Einstein Wikipedia page was #2. If you buy the coffee, he will talk your ear off with anything Google, Triathlon or Boston sports related.

Dirk Robinson


Dirk is an example of that all-too-common western prevalence of Oregon cattle rancher, medical school dropout and classically trained operatic tenor. In Dirk we found one of the first employees of the “Just do it” agency, Wieden+Kennedy. They liked Dirk, too. They sent him to work around the world for other W+K offices including London and The Netherlands. Today, you’ll find Dirk performing daily at MP and other regional companies who need the services of a tenor.

Hoku Watanabe

Graphic Designer

After working in a daycare and a funeral home, nothing phases Hoku. Whatever challenge you throw at her can’t be worse than changing someone else’s diaper — or
moving a body — or doing both at the same time. She inherited a passion for design from her dad and a love of travel (and off-beat jokes) from her mom. She's excited to make some cool shit, even if she misses the bodies sometimes. Not so much the babies.

Jen Harris

Account Director

From the v-ball court to client projects, Jen is the quintessential team player and always looks for the perfect kill shot to put the competition to rest. Her desire to see clients succeed helped her launch the marketing arm of TSheets in 2008. Since then, Jen has helped other brands, including Albertsons and D&B Supply, score with customers. Her competitive nature extends from the court to the kitchen – especially on holidays when she makes her grandma’s world-famous caramel corn. Yes, hers is better than yours, but if you’re nice, she’ll share the recipe. 

Joe Quatrone

ECD / Partner

Dad, drummer, writer, film buff, typophile, and U2 aficionado, Joe believes the best ideas come with time and tenacity. Joe has worked on brands and agencies both big and small and has collected awards both internationally-renowned and much-less-so — bringing with him an impressive assemblage of worthless rock n’ roll trivia. Joe has been in advertising since Tommy Lee’s upside down drum-cage concussion mishap in New Haven, Connecticut. Joe’s work has been recognized by Communication Arts, AdWeek, Print Magazine, D&AD, Luerzers Archive, and garnered national gold Addys and 8 Best of Show Addy/Rockie Awards.

John Brenner

Sr. Art Director

Designer, wordsmith, and hopelessly gemini, John has a fierce passion for typography, and yet remarkably bad penmanship. The youngest son of an English professor and an editor, he’s quick witted and observant. He spends a good deal of time sketching, even though he can’t draw and he’s a terrible dancer despite being a good drummer. He will rake leaves in January just to be outside and makes a mean omelet.

Ken Erickson

Account Director

A design school grad who later discovered his real passion was applying his uncanny organizational and creative process mindset to serve those that he works with, to see them and their clients succeed. While working at an agency in Los Angeles, Ken even created project management software that was later marketed to other agencies.

Lindsey Vella

Media Planner + Buyer

Born and raised in Northern California, Lindsey came to Boise to pursue her undergraduate from Boise State. Like most Californians, she fell in love with Idaho and decided to stay — but don’t worry, she’s one of the good ones. Lindsey’s passion for baseball, tacos, and traveling is only overshadowed by her love of dogs (and her fiancé, Andrew — but don’t tell him that). Lindsey’s favorite days at work are when she gets to pet and play with all the pups in the office. So she has to pamper her Golden Retriever, Lionel, to convince him there is no other dog for her.

Lindsey Waller

Project Manager

Lindsey is a marketing Swiss army knife. She moves with meticulous ease when employing her advertising multi-tool — trimming away those annoying problems you don’t realize are there. Her borderline unhealthy relationship with spreadsheets is a little concerning — especially since she has all 70 Excel default colors represented in her closet. Lindsey’s former agency experience, work with Proctor & Gamble brands, and time in the international tech sector make her a vital addition to the MP team.

When she’s not masterminding client projects, Lindsey is organizing the $#!+ out of family vacations (yes, with spreadsheets) or perfecting recipes with a glass of good Italian wine — most likely opened with a corkscrew from her Swiss army knife.

Patrick Gray

Sr. Copywriter

When he’s not making legendary old fashions or exercising his demons (you read that right), Patrick throws words on a page and makes them sound pretty… eloquent… or snarky… and sometimes they even sound intelligent. Since childhood, he’s been writing poetry, songs, and short stories to cope with the never-ending thoughts rattling around in his head. A multitude of careers, adventures, and authored books later, Patrick is obsessed with telling a good story.

Sarah Masterson

Senior Writer

Sarah is an aspiring idea machine fueled primarily by sour gummies and memes. She began her professional career on film and commercial sets, where she fell in love with storytelling and all the people who make it look easy. Some years later, Sarah was introduced to the world of advertising, and she's been hooked on helping brands tell impactful stories ever since. She's also been eating out a lot. Ask about her comprehensive spreadsheet on where to get the best wings.

Steve Veals


As a boy, Steve was fascinated with shooting on the family camcorder and he never thought it would lead to a career working around the world for brands such as OtterBox, LifeProof, the X-Games, and Verizon Wireless. When Steve isn’t in the edit bay, he’s busy trying to set obscure personal records like the longest continuous freight train ride or fly fishing for 365 consecutive days. Steve likes to live by an old saying which goes something like, “You don’t want the most exciting story at your funeral to start with how you never missed buffet night at Village Inn.”

Suzie Lee Garofalo

Media Director

Not that any of us at MP are Philly fans, we have become mega fanatics for Philly’s own Suzie Lee Garofalo. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, this vivacious media planning powerhouse delivers Rocky Balboa blows to the toughest challenges. Any excuse to engage her unbridled creative mind to find solutions that drive business goals and showcase ROI gets her up in the morning (actually, that may be her two kids and her Shih Tzu, but you get the point). With over 15 years of experience across all traditional and digital channels, we’ll put Suzie in the ring against anyone.

Tami Arlint

Benefits + Finance Manager

Tami is our other Wieden+Kennedy transplant at MP. She was skillfully recruited by Dirk Robinson, our singing CFO, after he threatened to leave if he didn’t get help. Once he realized Tami was back on the market and looking for diversions (other than her husband and three children), Dirk chased after her like dreadlocks on a bike messenger.

Tom Donahoe

CCO / Partner

Tom’s creative philosophy has been greatly influenced by the “surprise me/reward me” school of communication. “If they know what you’re going to say, they don’t have to listen. The best messaging interrupts consumers’ expectations. They pay attention because they want to know what’s coming next.”

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