The Challenge

When you need medical attention, you don’t have time to think too much. All you know is that you’ve got to get to the hospital quickly. Or do you? Primary Health has been serving the Treasure Valley for several years with a lot of the same services a family or emergency doctor might–but for a lot less money and a lot less time.

It’s tempting to make medical advertising scary or depressing. But the team at Primary Health agreed when we said that approach was tired, and it was time to take some risks.

Primary Health Medical Group


If you knew you were about to get strep throat from that kiss, would you still do it? The “I’m Going To” campaign bet that you would, and that you’d take risks with a variety of scenarios like jumping off of a rope swing, test-driving a derby car, and blocking a goal.

Mall & Theater Posters

Taking context into account, we created a series of movie-like posters that showed our protagonists at the moment before they find themselves needing medical care.


Three television spots brought viewers right into the middle of an accident waiting to happen, with Primary Health positioned as the safety net.


Matching the same fun and slightly risky tone of the rest of the ads, we had three storytellers recall their accident and eventual trip to Primary Health.


Working off of the existing photos from the theater posters, we created new headlines that could be absorbed in 8 seconds or less.

The Result

Primary Health has seen a steady increase in visits that would have otherwise gone to the emergency room, which saves time and money for patients and hospitals.

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