Where Ford Begins in Idaho

There aren’t too many businesses in Boise with roots that go back farther than 50 years, but Ford is one of them. The challenge was: how do we make Lithia Ford of Boise more than just a dealership in the eyes of the community?

Ford has a rich history in the Boise area, but the average person in Boise had no idea. We needed to find a way to play off of Ford’s longevity with something that people would actually be interested in – and the “Where Ford Begins” idea was born.

Lithia Lincoln of Boise


Our client was tired of seeing car dealers competing for business in the same loud, annoying and predictable voice. They wanted no part of it, so we were challenged to develop a campaign that did not mention any prices, but created a likable personality for the dealership that would appeal to drivers who were as fed up with car dealer ads as he was. Meet Dennis & Gordon.

Lithia Ford of Boise

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