Mitchell+Palmer was founded on April 1, 2008 in Boise, Idaho. The partners, Billy Mitchell and Tom Donahoe, represent combined experience of over 50 years in the business. Throughout this time, these guys have sat on every side of the roundtable: agency, client, media, entrepreneur.


Our creative process is focused on one goal: making work that works. And we know that our team (no matter how qualified or earnest or mentally lubricated they are) cannot achieve this goal alone. Dialogue—and through it, discovery—is the answer. At MP, client goals form the rational basis for every creative decision, at every stage. We believe, then, that creating great work is not magic, and it’s not luck. It’s a choice.




The best-looking creative in the world will fall flat without a big idea behind it. The feeling you get when you see an amazing advertising campaign is the result of tapping into a human insight that is felt at a gut-level–and that’s what separates the amateurs from the pros in our business.


We’ll be the first to admit that a freelancer might be a better fit for your project. But when you need the end result to be top-of-the-line, we can guide the process so you’re not left playing art director to your neighbor’s nephew who just learned how to use Photoshop last year.


Great branding and advertising is an investment–one that should pay dividends long after it’s implemented. Rather than just drop off a final product, we see it through all the way to the results stage.


Billy Mitchell


Billy brings a decade-and-a-half worth of energy and passion that has yet to be tamed. If it seems that he cares about your business as much as you do, it’s because he does. He delivers a combination of marketing experience and skills that makes him our starting QB at Team MP, and one of the most valuable players on your team.

Tom Donahoe

Principal/Executive CD

Tom’s creative philosophy has been greatly influenced by the “surprise me/reward me” school of communication. “If they know what you’re going to say, they don’t have to listen. The best messaging interrupts consumers’ expectations. They pay attention because they want to know what’s coming next.”

Dirk Robinson


Dirk is an example of that all-too-common western prevalence of Oregon cattle rancher, medical school dropout and classically trained operatic tenor. In Dirk we found one of the first employees of the “Just do it” agency, Wieden+Kennedy. They liked Dirk, too. They sent him to work around the world for other W+K offices including London and the Netherlands. Today, you’ll find Dirk performing daily at MP, Opera Idaho and other regional companies who need the services of a tenor.

Andy Petersen

Account Director/Producer

Grass fed on the plush pastures of Greenleaf, ID, Andy was tempered by the fire of three older brothers whose only wish was to see him cry. When not weeping on his mother’s shoulder, he learned to fight with words and wit. He promises to demonstrate both traits in the near future.

Morgan Lord

Account/Media Director

Morgan has been in the advertising industry for over 10 years and seen many a media plan come and go. She’s a media warrior, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness for the client. When she’s not here at work, she’s kept busy by her husband (who lovingly does all the home cooking), daughter, 2 dogs, and a cat (they’re not cat people, it just happened).

Ken Erickson

Creative Operations Director

A design school grad that later discovered his real passion was applying his uncanny organizational and creative process mindset to serve those that he works with, to see them and their clients succeed. While working at an agency in Los Angeles, Ken even created project management software that was later marketed to other agencies.

Carolyn Uhl

Art Director

Is it a coincidence that the word “cool” rhymes with “Uhl”? We don’t think so. From the moment she landed on our doorstep from Denver more than 5 years ago, she’s blown us away with her amazing talents and abilities. We love her, and so will you.

John Brenner

Senior Art Director

Designer, wordsmith, and hopelessly gemini, John has a fierce passion for typography, and yet remarkably bad penmanship. The youngest son of an English professor and an editor, he’s quick witted and observant. He spends a good deal of time sketching, even though he can’t draw and he’s a terrible dancer despite being a good drummer. He will rake leaves in January just to be outside and makes a mean omelet.

Tami Arlint

Financial Accountant

Tami is our other Wieden+Kennedy transplant at MP. She was skillfully recruited by Dirk Robinson, our singing CFO, after he threatened to leave if he didn’t get help. Once he realized Tami was back on the market and looking for diversions (other than her husband and three children), Dirk chased after her like dreadlocks on a bike messenger.

Linda Laguna

Studio Manager

Three things she never thought she’d do: leave California. Ever. Have a Labradoodle, let alone a magic one. Eat a turducken. Check. Check. And check. All in 2015. Linda got this job, in part, because she asked for it. Also, because she has a knack for taking care of Creatives. She’s a Momma Bear with many hats. And eleven years at Apple taught her to expect the best from others, even better of herself and to keep a secret. She’s got a few from that gig… shhh.

Kelly Robinson

Public Relations Manager

Kelly believes in good, clean copy that cuts to the heart of the target market and allows the client’s message to shine. She infuses a journalistic aesthetic in her work, preferring the brief, dense, and informative to more frilly and frolicking language. She’s worth her weight in gold, but she’s also very thin, so that would be…



01. Understand

We work to understand you as a client, and the goals for the project. Research and project definition happens here.

02. Inspiration

Our right brains look for never-before-seen ways to communicate your message.

03. Hard Work

Copy gets cut, pixels get pushed, ideas get scrapped…

04. The "Ah-Ha" Moment

But finally, we reach gold. That’s when we know the project will be a home run with you and your audience.

05. Launch

Pop the bubbly! Your project is on the air, in print, or live on the web, and it’s already driving results.

06. Measure

The impact of great advertising isn’t always seen immediately, but over time, we’ll look for results that prove success.